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About Me

I'm a father to a wonderful son, software developer at Prevalent Inc, and football ⚽️ fan. The teams I follow are Halifax Wanderers FC, FC Porto, and SC Beira-Mar. I live in Halifax, Canada with my wife, son, dog, and two cats. When the weather is nice we like to take family trips to different parts of the province for hikes or to experience the local area and culture.

I graduated from NSCC and started at a company building Drupal websites. I worked with Drupal for about 5 years, using versions 7 through 9, at a couple different companies. I moved to my current position to move away from Drupal and expand my coding abilities. Over my career I have tried to stay curious about new technologies or ways of solving a problem. This curiosity has allowed me to acquire skills and knowledge in technologies as my work required, or as my interest led me.