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14" M2 MacBook Pro

This laptop was provided by work and it's what I use for daily development.

14" M1 MacBook Pro

This is my main development machine for any personal projects and I love coding on this machine. I have the Space Grey one with 16GB of RAM.

Magic Trackpad

I really like the Magic trackpad because I heavily use the gestures Apple provides and the Apple mouse isn't an option because it's way too small.

Keychron K5 Pro

I like having a full-size keyboard, I

Samsung Ultrawide monitor

I don't know which specific monitor it is because I bought it from a friend when they were moving out of province but I enjoy having plenty of real estate. I have been thinking about switching things up in the future though.



This is the browser I use 95% of the time. I have a specific way that I like to organize my tabs that Vivaldi supports.

VS Code - Insiders

This is my personal IDE of choice, it's free and easily expandable. I use the Insiders version because I'm using the 'workbench.editor.customLabels.patterns' setting so I can set the file tab labels with custom patterns. This makes developing in Sveltekit easier since it uses folder-based routing and all the files are called '+page.svelte'.

PHP Storm

I code with PHP and Laravel professionally and I find PHP Storm's intellisense to be really good with Laravel projects. I'm also using it because my company covers the licence.


I use Notion for my personal notes because it's cross-platform and sync'd by default. I also haven't found another note taking app that has such robust database support.


I use Obsidian for note taking on my work computer because it's all local by default with no syncing. This is a bonus for work where I want to make sure all of my work information stays on that computer.


1Password is my password manager of choice, I prefer it to the other ones I've tried.


I'm not a power user of the command line so I don't have strong feelings towards a terminal app but I like how easy text editing is on Warp. The only thing I miss from iTerm2 is my custom prompt.