Ola 👋
I'm Niko Bentley

I build and design things for the web.

Web Developer with a passion for learning.
Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

About me

My name is Niko, I'm a 29 year old web developer with a passion for learning. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my fiancée, dog, and two cats. When the weather is agreeable we like to take trips to different parts of the province for hikes or to experience the local area and culture.

Work Experience

I have been working professionally as a developer since 2016.

Bluelight Analytics

(Jun '16 - May '17)

Software Developer

Halifax, Canada

PHP, Phalcon, Angular, Ionic, Cordova, PouchDB

Aptitude Digital

(Jun '17 - Nov '20)

Web Developer

Halifax, Canada

Drupal Development, PHP, JavaScript


(Jan '21 - Present)

Software Developer

Halifax, Canada

PHP, Drupal, JavaScript


Over my career I have tried to stay curious. This curiosity has allowed me to acquire skills and knowledge in technologies as my work required, or as my interest led me.

Web Design & Development


Frontend JavaScript Frameworks


Database Management System


Game Development


Drupal Development

Drupal 7+/PHP/JavaScript/Drupal Migrations

Modern CSS Design

CCS3/SCSS/CSS Grid/Flexbox

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