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What’s in a Blog

This is my first time making a blog and writing something up. I’ve been thinking about it off and on for years but never went through with creating one. A friend of mine recently started their own blog and it really gave me inspiration to start my own finally. The reason I have wanted to start a blog in the past (and the reason I’m starting it now) is because I want a space to express some thoughts that bounce around in my head.

The type of things I’ll write about will be pretty eclectic. I’m not going to focus on one subject because this isn’t meant to be a portfolio website or resume. This is just a place for me to express myself in whichever way I feel like. That could be anything from a solution to a coding problem I ran into to some thoughts about a day trip I took with my family. From game reactions/reviews to short musings about something I thought about while walking the dog. There is no plan and there are no limits.

Recent Obsession

I recently picked up the game Enshrouded on Steam and was hooked almost immediately. It’s a survival crafting game and is in early access but is already enough for me to have a good time playing it. I’ve been playing it solo (as I do with 95% of all games I play) and have had a lot of fun building my little town up as I unlock new vendors. The concept of having parts of the map be enshrouded in a fog that contains enemies, hazards, and a time limit on how long you can stay really adds to the challenge of navigating the world.

The game world is also is fully deformable, so you can take a pickaxe and dig into a hillside to make your own hobbit hole of a home. So far I haven’t played around with building underground bases but I have used the building controls to fill in some holes I accidentally made while trying to build houses and I thought it was pretty easy to use. I also really liked how the ground automatically adjusts to smoothly transition if you place new ground above or below the level of the existing ground.


Recently where I live was hit with a big snow storm that dumped close to 60cm of snow on my property. It happened over a weekend and we had to have our driveway plowed out. Then a few days after all that we got more snow ! I’m done, bring on the spring showers please (as long as it stays above freezing).

Almost Football Season

My local football team the Halifax Wanderers has finally started making their signing announcements this month and the most recent are pretty exciting. On the 14th they announced Vitor Dias (a Brazilian player coming from MLS Next Pro) and Christian Volesky (an American player also coming from USLC). Both of these signings look really good on paper and I think under Gheisar could really score some goals. Volesky should bring some great experience to the dressing room as well.

The new season starts on April 13th, 58 days away as of writing this. Halifax’s home opener is on the 27th, 72 days away. Luckily though I won’t have to wait that long to get a chance to see them play. The team is have a preseason friendly against Cape Breton University on March 15th for season ticket holders and I’ll be going to that with my wife. It’s a long off season and I can’t wait for it to end so I can get back to watching live games.